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‘Simple Pleasures’ Louth Craftmark online exhibition

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I’m delighted to be taking part in Louth Craftmark’s online exhibition ‘Simple Pleasures’. There are 15 artists exhibiting work and you can see the exhibition on facebook and instagram from April 2nd. The title comes from a poem by Bertolt Brecht.

For ‘Simple Pleasures’ I painted still lifes of ornaments and trinkets I have collected over the years. All hold different memories and looking upon them lets me reflect on happy times, travels and loved ones. Painting them as still lifes allowed me to see different relationships between the characters and patterns of the objects. In ‘The Three Amigos’ I see the humour of friendship between a penguin, a monk style cup and a Moomin bell. In ‘Love Brews’ I see the cosiness and playfulness of a mouse curled up in an egg cup, a little frog and a wind-up rabbit gathered around a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

‘The Three Amigos’ (top left), 17x17cm, acrylic paint, watercolours and pen on paper, €200

‘Love Brews’ (top right), 17x17cm, acrylic paint, watercolours and pen on paper, €200

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