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Pluid Project 2021

I’ve just sent off a new painting ‘Sky Rabbit’ to Pluid Project 2021. The project will be a National Comfort Blanket of 15x15cm squares of artwork from hundreds of Irish artists. The theme was comfort – what has given you comfort and solace during the pandemic. (Pluid is irish for comfort and pronounced ‘plidge’.)

I chose a white rabbit to symbolise creativity and a dreamy starry sky to represent escape. Making art and daydreaming have brought me comfort during the pandemic.

There will be an exhibition of all the work on Midsummers Day in June. I’ve donated my painting to be auctioned off for Pieta House following the exhibition.

The Pluid Curators and Collaborators are Claire Halpin and Madeleine Hellier. If you would like to find out more about the project you can follow it over on facebook and instagram.

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